It is difficult to speak when one is heartbroken by the unreasonable, untimely death of a 39-year-old brother. In these cases it helps us to know that Gregory was a Knight, a member of the Commandery of Szczecin (Poland).

The Knight is a man of certainties. Saint Beranrd de Clairvaux explained well who a Knight is and why he has no fear. ‘Truly fearless and protected on all sides is that knight who, as he dresses his body of iron, so clothes his soul with the armor of faith.‘ (I Thess., 5,8) ‘There is no need to be amazed; possessing both weapons, he fears neither the devil nor men. Nor does he fear death who wants to die. In fact, what should he fear, in life or in death, for whom Christ is life and death a gain? ‘(Phil 1.21)

Rest in peace dear brother Gregory. We remember you fondly and we are sure that, from Heaven, you will continue to protect us all.

I invite Commander Knight Wojtek to bring our sincere condolences to the family of the Knight Gregory.

Diego Beltrutti di San Biagio
Priore Generale dell’Ordine

Principe di Seborga

                                                             Christus vincit!